Business Innovation

Recognising businesses for their innovative capabilities, their ability for reinventing themselves and leading the way in doing so. Innovation is a competitive edge and this award will seek those making best use of it.

Sponsored by Deloitte Malta

Innovative Business Award

This award is designed to recognise the best Innovative Initiative taken up by businesses. The Selection Committee will be looking at innovative initiatives implemented within a business or a strategy which has directly contributed towards the growth of the business, giving it a competitive edge. This award will go to the business that is built on innovation, enabling it to stand out from the competition. The Innovative Initiative being put forward for this award should be part of the business commercial strategy and should lead to or be aimed towards business growth and competitiveness. Initiatives related to climate action should be submitted under a separate award. 

Sponsored by Ministry for Economy, European Funds & Lands

Reinvention Award

This award is designed to recognise businesses who have re-invented their processes during COVID-19 and post-pandemic. The Selection Committee will be looking at businesses who have either re-invented themselves or diversified their operations to sustain their business and grow. The re-invention being put forward for the award should also embrace the digital aspect as a core activity of their re-invention. 

Sponsored by Convera

B2B Digital Solution of the Year 

This award is designed to recognise an exceptional B2B Digital solution that facilitates business operation or process. Digital solutions are today the answer to sustainable operations in enterprises and provide additional tools to businesses to be able to do more with less, more insights and visibility, use of AI and more. The Selection Committee will be analysing the solution in terms of its efficiency, of its facilities as well as the value added it gives to the business. The solution would need to be developed partly or wholly in Malta and by/with the contribution of a local business.

Sponsored by Malta Tourism Authority

Leader in Quality Tourism

This award is designed to recognise the private sector as a leading contributor to the Tourism sector.  Open to businesses that have led the way in creating products/services to target the tourism industry in a value added way. The Selection Committee will be looking at commercial offerings targeting tourists in an innovative way, managing to attract tourists for reasons beyond what is traditionally associated with Malta. 

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Best Campaign

This award is designed to recognise the best Marketing Campaign of the Year. The Selection Committee will be looking for the campaign with the best strategies set to achieve specific goals. The Selection Committee will also look at the effectiveness and impact of the campaign, how it improved the business and if the set goals were achieved or not. Nominations will be received for the business entity that has financed the campaign. Service Providers may however present a nomination for this award, subject to the client’s consent.