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Edition 02


Presented by the Malta Chamber of SMEs and Malta Enterprise.

Leader in Inclusivity Award

This award is targeting private sector initiatives that relate to inclusivity, specifically of persons with disability.

Eden Leisure Group

MZ Academy Ltd

Premier Restaurants Malta Ltd

Social Impact Award

This award is designed to recognise the best initiative taking up by a business for care of society or the communities and leaving an impact.

3Pandas Marketing Solutions

Fifteen37 Cafe

Izra Ltd

Customer Service Excellence Award

This recognition program is specifically designed to acknowledge businesses that prioritise their customers and adopt a customer-centric approach, ensuring high service quality and consistently delivering a service of exceptional standards.

Carisma Collections

Greens Supermarket Ltd

The Phoenicia Malta

Local Cultural Contributor

This award is designed to recognise business entities that give special attention to the local culture (Malta/Gozo), either through inspired goods, or services.

Carisma Collections

ReCoop - The Restoration and Conservation Coop

Mconcepts Ltd

Leader in Mental Health

This award is designed to recognise the importance of mental health awareness and the efforts being done to recognise initiatives by the private sector which target mental health.

Growth Gurus

Mekanika Ltd.

Willingness Team

Start-up Business of the Year (up to 5 Years)

This award is designed to recognise a Start-up Company to champion for the Year.

Bio Aqua Garden

Dronamics Europe Airlines Ltd.

Greenroads Limited

Leader in Quality Tourism

This award is designed to recognise the private sector as a leading contributor to the Tourism sector.

AX Hotels

Hope Fertility & IVF Malta


Innovative Digital Solution

This award seeks to honor innovative digital solutions that enhance service, efficiency, accessibility, and user insights through advanced features, AI, and adherence to recognized standards, while delivering significant value to users.

Avantech Ltd.

PathKeeper Surgical Ltd.

SENS Innovation Group

Gozo Business of the Year

This award is open to businesses operating in Gozo and designed to recognise the Best Gozo Business of the Year.


Ta' Mena

Tuta Agrotourism

SME of the Year (up to 250 employees)

This award is designed to recognise an SME as the champion of the Year.

Busy Bee Group

Izra ltd


Young Entrepreneur of the Year (up to 35 Years)

This award is designed to recognise a Young Entrepreneur to champion for the Year.

Andrew and Julian Farrugia

Anvil Studios Limited (Anvil Game Studios)

Christian Gravina

GCS Malta

Josh O'Cock

Growth Gurus

Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Female Entrepreneur of the Year This award is designed to recognise a female Entrepreneur to champion for the Year.

Claire Zammit Xuereb

AX Hotels

Krystle Penza

Mconcept Ltd

Rachel Vella

ROCS Group

Family Business of the Year

Family-owned businesses are a main pillar in Malta’s business makeup.

4JM Solutions LTD

Greens Supermarkets Ltd

Oxford House Ltd

Best Waste Management Strategy

This award applauds businesses actively reducing, reusing, or recycling waste within their operations and striving to meet environmental legislations to further this cause.

GSD Marketing Ltd


Malta Freeport Terminals


AHA Objects Ltd

Green Transport Initiative

This award celebrates businesses championing sustainable transport solutions, from fleet electrification to car-pooling. It recognises impactful changes enhancing both operational efficiency and overall business sustainability.

Bolt Support Services MT


Melita Limited

Leader in Sustainable Energy & Water Initiatives

This award is designed to recognise the most significant change or initiative implemented by an enterprise, that has contributed to their operational or product/service efficiency and overall sustainability of the business.

Bio Aqua Garden Ltd

Luxury Living Technologies Ltd

Tulliera Farm Deli

Innovative Sustainable Business Award

This award aims to acknowledge enterprise sustainability initiatives that demonstrate innovation and have positively impacted operational efficiency, product or service quality, and overall business sustainability.

AquaBioTech Group

Invent 3D


Project Green Award

This award is aimed at identifying the best private sector initiatives and projects which have made a contribution to the greening of spaces, green embellishments and upgrades and upkeep of green spaces.

Ecostack Innovations Limited

Garland Malta

Living Walls

Doric Studio