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Tips About Your Entry

Ready to get started with your application? Here are our top tips for submitting your entry. Good luck!


Don't Miss the Deadline

Check the closing date for application submission so you have enough time to showcase your achievements.


Check Your Eligibility

Your business must be based in Malta. For more details kindly check the awards Terms & Conditions.


Choose the Right Category for You

There’s 23 to choose from, so play to your strengths and enter a category that reflects your business and achievements.


Entering More than One Category?

Tailor your answers to each category, as the judges will be scoring against specific criteria.


Read the Criteria

Take your time to understand the questions and address each point clearly.


Keep to the Limit

Questions will have a word limit, so you have a limited space to grab attention.


Tell Your Story

What makes your business stand out from the crowd?


Focus on the Facts

How has your business grown in the last 12 months? What successes or achievements have you had?


Presentation Is Key

Use sub-headings and bullet points where necessary and ensure your entry is well structured. Don’t forget to proofread.


Be Passionate

Most of all, our judges want to see your enthusiasm about your business shine through in your entry.


Write It Up Beforehand

Write up a draft entry before you enter it to our site, so you have something to come back to if you lose your content.


Give Us Relevant Evidence

Use your supporting documentation to paint a fuller picture of your business, and make sure it is relevant to your entry.


Check Your Copy

What you write may appear in our programmes, so please do make sure it makes sense