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Distinct Initiatives

Recognising mainly businesses that show a higher level of awareness and action towards the betterment of the community and stakeholders. These businesses give importance to the creation of wellbeing and fairness in their successful ventures.

Supported by the Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights

Leader in Inclusivity Award

This award is targeting private sector initiatives that relate to inclusivity, specifically of persons with disability. Different forms of inclusion measures, actions and activities are deemed to be eligible to be considered under this award. This may include services by the private sector specifically catering for persons with disability, integration and/or employment of persons with disability at the workplace, private sector buildings made fully accessible (e.g. Ensuring that the website / business premises are fully accessible). Businesses showing a wide range of inclusive initiatives will score higher. 

Supported by Academy of Givers

Social Impact Award

This award is designed to recognise the best initiative taking up by a business for care of society or the communities and leaving an impact. The initiatives should be just about giving back to society. Businesses are not simple commercial entities; they have an important role to play in society. Even though interventions might be completely self-less it is recognised that many times this has a positive impact on the business implementing it. The Selection Committee will be looking for businesses that have a noble initiative to share. Business who are leaving a positive impact on the community are encouraged to apply.    

Supported by Malta International Airport

Customer Service Excellence Award

This recognition program is specifically designed to acknowledge businesses that prioritise their customers and adopt a customer-centric approach, ensuring high service quality and consistently delivering a service of exceptional standards. These outstanding businesses should have established internal policies, structures, and best practices that guarantee customer satisfaction and ensure a positive customer experience. The Selection Committee will evaluate businesses based on their ability to demonstrate successful models and provide concrete evidence of their track record in delivering outstanding service quality and consistently meeting the highest standards.

Supported by the Ministry For The National Heritage, The Arts & Local Government

Local Cultural Contributor

This award is designed to recognise business entities that give special attention to the local culture (Malta/Gozo), either through inspired goods, or services. The feel of the local culture must be evident and tied to the business concept or the concept of the specific goods or service being put forward with as a nomination. The aim of the award is to seek out those businesses that translate the local culture into a successful commercial activity and interpret it giving it new life and visibility. The enterprise, product and/or service would need to have been developed in Malta or primarily involving Maltese counterparts.   

Supported by Supported by the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights

Leader in Mental Health

This award is designed to recognise the importance of mental health awareness and the efforts being done to recognise initiatives by the private sector which target mental health. This award seeks to recognise initiatives taken by the private sector aimed at tackling mental health issues, reducing the stigma on mental health, and interventions that result benefits and benefits to those experiencing mental health issues. The Initiative is aimed at ultimately leaving a positive impact in one way or another on mental health. The initiative presented can be either own initiatives or initiatives involving collaborations.

Initiatives could include, training at the workplace, business initiatives, and activities that leave a positive impact at the workplace on the topic of mental health, awareness raising activities on mental health, campaigns, collaboration with NGOs and other organisation on the topic of mental health.