Distinct Initiatives

Recognising mainly businesses that show a higher level of awareness and action towards the betterment of the community and stakeholders. These businesses give importance to the creation of wellbeing and fairness in their successful ventures.

Sponsored by The Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights

Leader in Inclusivity Award

This award is targeting private sector initiatives that relate to inclusivity, specifically for persons with disabilities. The Selection Committee will be looking at different forms of inclusion measures such as employment of persons with disabilities, services specifically catering for persons with disabilities, and buildings having full accessibility.

Sponsored by The Ministry for Social Policy  

Best CSR Initiative 

This award is designed to recognise the best initiative related to the care of society without resulting in financial gain for the business. Businesses have an important role to play in society and should be inclined to give back. The Selection Committee will be seeking businesses that have contributed to a noble initiative that instilled a positive result within the community.

Sponsored by GCS Malta

Exceptional Wellbeing at the Workplace

This award is designed to recognise the workplace that brings the best out of their employees through the healthy working environment they foster. Whether it is based on individual initiative/s or a wellbeing programme, the workplace should be proven to have a positive impact, in one way or another on the individual employees. The Selection Committee will be looking for businesses that have a holistic understanding of wellbeing at the workplace and can possibly derive models that can be utilised to set an example, whilst also truly seeking to utilise the full capabilities of any individual, irrespective of their differences. Examples could include anything from the quality and safety of the physical environment, to how employees feel about their work, their working environment, the climate at work amongst others, and equal opportunities at work.   

Sponsored by Nectar

Customer Service Excellence Award

This award is targeting businesses that champion customer care and have a client centred approach. These businesses should have developed internal policies and structures that ensure clients are handled with satisfaction and that their experience is a positive one. The Selection Committee will be looking for businesses that have successful models to show and have a proven track record that can be presented.  

Sponsored by The Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government

Local Cultural Contributor

This award is designed to recognise the presentation of artistic expressions that have been developed or manufactured in the local market with a majority percentage of local involvement. Different ideas will be considered based on their innovative component, strength or potential impact on the market, as well as meeting the client or target audience’s expectations.

Sponsored by MCAST

Apprentice of the Year

This award seeks to award students, who in the previous scholastic year have successfully completed an apprenticeship programme as part of their studies. Apprenticeship is deemed as a very important pillar bridging the world of education and employment. This award seeks to encourage and reward good quality apprentices that value this opportunity and view it as an investment towards their future. Nominations for students that have followed an apprenticeship programme will be presented by mentors in conjunction with the business where the apprenticeship programme was conducted.