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Green Ambassadors

Recognising businesses that make their impact on the environment a priority and have taken action in a number of areas in this regard. These businesses ensure they operate their business successfully while being respectful to the environment.

Supported by Wasteserv

Best Waste Management Strategy

This award applauds businesses actively reducing, reusing, or recycling waste within their operations and striving to meet environmental legislations to further this cause.
Supported by Foundation for Transport

Green Transport Initiative

This award celebrates businesses championing sustainable transport solutions, from fleet electrification to car-pooling. It recognises impactful changes enhancing both operational efficiency and overall business sustainability.
Supported by Energy and Water Agency

Leader in Sustainable Energy & Water Initiatives

This award is designed to recognise the most significant change or initiative implemented by an enterprise, that has contributed to their operational or product/service efficiency and overall sustainability of the business.
Supported by APS Bank p.l.c.

Innovative Sustainable Business Award

This award aims to acknowledge enterprise sustainability initiatives that demonstrate innovation and have positively impacted operational efficiency, product or service quality, and overall business sustainability.
Supported by Project Green

Project Green Award

This award is aimed at identifying the best private sector initiatives and projects which have made a contribution to the greening of spaces, green embellishments and upgrades and upkeep of green spaces.