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Green Ambassadors

Recognising businesses that make their impact on the environment a priority and have taken action in a number of areas in this regard. These businesses ensure they operate their business successfully while being respectful to the environment.

Supported by Wasteserv

Best Waste Management Strategy

This award is designed to recognise efforts of businesses that have either implemented initiatives within their business to reduce reuse or recycle waste or who have made an effort to meet the requirements of different environmental legislations with the ultimate aim of reducing, reusing or recycling waste. The Selection Committee will be looking for businesses that can highlight the benefits through this initiative, while demonstrating how they have made an invaluable contribution to the aim of waste reduction, reusing or recycling.    

Supported by Foundation for Transport

Green Transport Initiative

This award is designed to recognise efforts of businesses who have implemented initiatives which encourage the use of smart and sustainable transport initiatives such as collective / shared transport, joint transport, fleet electrification, car-pooling, etc… The Selection Committee will be looking for businesses that can be used as an example and a best practice in terms of efficiency in transportation and how this initiative is contributing and benefitting the business. 

Supported by Energy and Water Agency  

Leader in Sustainable Energy & Water Initiatives

This award is designed to recognise the enterprise that has shown leadership in the implementation of sustainable operation within their sector with regards to the use of energy and water in their operationThe Selection Committee will be looking for businesses that have been frontrunners and carried out sustainable energy and water initiatives in favour of the business but at the same time didn’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Supported by APS Bank

Innovative Sustainable Business Award

This award is designed to recognise any form of enterprise sustainability initiative, which is however deemed to be innovative. The initiative should have contributed to their operational improvement or product/service efficiency and overall sustainability of the business with an innovation element embedded in it. The Selection Committee will be looking for businesses that have carried out innovative sustainable initiative/s in favour of the business beyond more traditional sustainable measures. 

Supported by Project Green

Project Green Award

This award is aimed at identifying the best private sector initiatives and projects which have made a contribution to the greening of spaces, green embellishments and upgrades and upkeep of green spaces.

Initiatives and projects can be of a one-off occasion or a continuous effort. It can also be a partnership initiative or an own initiative, which must always include a strong contribution of the private sector. Projects can include for example greening of rooftops and other parts of premises, planting of vegetation and greening of public or private spaces that can be enjoyed by employees and/or general public, clean ups of green spaces and rural areas. Other examples having the same orientation and principle are also accepted 

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Best Waste Management Strategy (2023)